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Wonder Group

Wonder is here to create spaces that are brave, weird & wonderful.

Being ordinary won't do anymore. Our process mixes [Art + Architecture] to deliver character environments with a unique edge.

We design alongside clients of all shapes and sizes. We are full-service, meaning we work on pretty much everything - concept creation, master-planning, detailed design documentation, building consents, branding & graphics, material selections & fit-out management.

We like brave clients that are willing to take a leap of faith & are eager for their business to stand out amongst the clutter.

For all new project inquiries, call Buster on 022 382 5639.

Our Manifesto

1 β€” The brave, the weird & the wonderful get noticed. Being ordinary won't do anymore.

2 β€” Be here to help launch New Zealand makers and creators to the world stage.

4 β€” Prioritise the practical. Floorplans drive the experience, get this right before choosing her jewellery.

5 β€” Embrace partnerships with those that care passionately about the end result. Side with local talent.

6 β€” Little things make big things happen. Consider all of the details and fight like hell for them.

7 β€” Get your hands dirty. Good design isn’t born from a computer.