Parasol & Swing


The Parasol & Swing Company


Brand Design

Graphic Design

Interior Styling

Located in Auckland’s Viaduct, ‘The Parasol and Swing Company’ is an elusive double story burger & cocktail hotspot, serving vintage Caribbean tinctures from Auckland's sunniest rooftop bar.

We worked with Jason Rosen (Mea Culpa) to develop the brand story & graphic collateral, delivering a popular hang-out for the inner city escapist.


‘The Parasol & Swing Company’ was born, a by-gone business of the late 19th Century - set in an era when humble bar tenders travelled the Caribbean, jumping from bar-to-bar on a voyage of youthful adventure & social discovery.


Once the detailed backstory was narrated and the fictional company had it’s brand assets designed - Wonder worked to create a unique & immersive storytelling environment through all aspects of the bars touch-points.


Illustrated menu booklets, traditional signage, wallpaper, cocktail decorations & even bespoke bottle labelling & artworks were designed to encapsulate guests within the story of the most elusive bartending company known within the trade.

Bar Design:
— Izzard Group

Design Team:
— Buster Caldwell
— Topaz Johnson

Client & Creative Genius:
— Jason Rosen

Print Production & Signage:
— Vaughan Small
— Omnigraphics
— Soar Print
— Sign Focus

Menu Illustration:
— Angus Byers

Build & Construction:
— Matrix Group

Outstanding New Venue,
2018 Lewisham Industry Awards

— The Urbanlist
— Denizen
— Concrete Playground
— New Zealand Herald