Mac's Brewbar


Macs Brewbar


Interior Design

Graphic Design

‘Neighbourhood’ occupies a sunny spot on a busy street in Kingsland, Auckland.

Wonder were invited by Mac’s Beer to re-imagine their dated BrewBar concept - one of the most successful national bar rollouts to date.

Our idea was developed around a ‘Shrine to Crafty Thinking’ - an ethos practiced by the original founder, Terry McCashin, the original No.8 brewer.


Interior Brand Activation was high on the list of priorities raised by Mac’s, but the challenge was to execute this without the cliche’s of typical brand-driven spaces.

Bespoke 3D artworks created from the Mac’s branding icons enlivened the walls, and a number of larger-than-life custom lighting features made use of the verticality of the space.

Every touchpoint throughout the interior played with the Mac’s suite of Icons - from the cascading ‘Neighbourhood’ backbar design, through to the heiroglyphic graphic wallpaper - all designed in-house.


A central installation of NZ Designer Richard Clarksons ‘Cloud Lights’ enliven the atmosphere during the evening, paying homage to the Mac’s Great White & Hop Rocker beer varieties.