Urbis Designday is New Zealand's premier public design event and one of the most anticipated dates on the design calendar.

It's a celebration of design and original thinking, anchored by the credibility of Urbis magazine.

Partnering with Resene from concept to completion, we created an experiential pop up space - ‘The Colour Lab.’ - which ran for three days, hosting over 1000 participants through its doors.

‘Colour is Freedom’ was coined by Wonder as our strategical approach to the pop-up experience.

Even within the strictest confines of a factory-based installation, colour would allow the participants freedom to imaging, create, and finish production line styled artworks en masse.

Once inside the factory, participants were positioned at their work station, and set to work. Given a stencil, they could select colours from their tray below, and print their segment of the stencil over & over again on pieces of paper - which travelled through the production line.

Once the piece of paper had made it’s way through the production line of printers, it would emerge as a completed piece of artwork.

Wonder were responsible for the concept design, interior design, cabinetry, technical documentation, project management & activation facilitation.