Duck Island

The Duck Island brand has become the Hamilton icon, synonymous with experimental flavours, extra long lines & it’s candy-pop aesthetic.

Wonder got the chance to partner with Duck Island on their first venture outside of Hamilton; Duck Island — Ponsonby Fire Station.

Pinning ‘Strawberry Condensed Milk’ as our flavour of choice, a Wes Anderson aesthetic was overlaid with elements of symmetry, repetition & colour blocking.

With a small but perfectly formed space dribbling in gooey pink, the retail interior becomes the perfect backdrop for visitors to ‘gram - becoming perhaps the most photographed interior on Ponsonby Rd.

A generous exterior with symmetrical pop-coloured seating invites guests to sit & enjoy the atmosphere, and establishes a low barrier to entry for all demographics.

Comfortable for children, mothers with prams, people with dogs, and the elderly - the outdoor setting cues the nostalgic feeling of sitting on a park bench with ice cream in hand, rather than a roadside in Ponsonby Central.

Wonder were responsible for the concept design, interiors, cabinetry, signage, building consent & documentation. Island_2778x.jpg

Photography by Jackie Meiring.