Burger Burger


Burger Burger are a fast-growing hospitality business well known throughout the country for delicious burgers, textured interiors & warm service.

Gearing up for their first move beyond Auckland City, our client Mimi Gilmour wanted to craft a warm & comfortable home for the people of Canterbury to make their own.

Wonder set out to make a space as a metaphor for the humble burger itself; equal parts nostalgic, delicious, gooey, rich & inviting.

An commission was sent to local artists to include their works within the interior. 25 custom art panels were inset into a bespoke wall feature, the artworks set to be auctioned off at the end of the year for local community initiatives. Replaced with a new set annualy, this detail will form an ever-evolving showcase of local talent - whilst at the same time adding layers of unplanned vibrancy, breaking the mustard walls apart.

Set-dressers were invited onsite to paint the wall surfaces in situ, layering texture & tone of a series of days. This build up evokes a ‘worn-in’ feeling, almost as if the building has been a regular here for years.

Wonder were responsible for the interior design & finishes, cabinetry & furniture, lighting, building consent, and technical documentation.

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