INCO Studio

INCO Studio is a new take on the salon experience, aiming to cut against the stark trend of white spaces, greenery & round mirrors.

Channelling Vogue living room shoots, bourgeois lobby interiors & luxurious lounge settings, INCO is a space where beauty is put back at the epicentre of the salon experience.

The recently refurbished Ponsonby Fire Station was home to the concept, and so the interiors also needed to be every bit iconic as one would expect. Exuding luxury, buzz, and layers of charm.

Wonder invited artists on-site to paint the private booth wallpapers in-situ. The blush, burnt orange & desert pink base palette alongside dried florals, aged brass & luxurious velvets delivered texture, layer & patina - adding ‘worn in’ charm & comfort.

Being a mum of three, our client now has a salon where the rules are her own, and a space that her clients adore spending time within - almost like being at home. The result is an all-encompassing salon experience that feels equal parts warm, inviting & intriguing. 

This is the feeling of being In Good Company.

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