Health Nut


Health Nut


Interior Design

The brain-child of a nutritionist & a personal trainer, ‘Health Nut’ is an unassuming vegan cafe, nestled in the hustle & bustle of Auckland’s city centre.

With a desire for a raw, textured & wholesome environment, the interiors needed to feel like you were being well cared for, without the stereotypical pretentious vegan messaging.

Window A.jpg

We all agreed on one thing; the space should feel like it had been here forever. Trust, loyalty & comfort formed the brands three key pillars - and so our concept wrapped around a fictional narrative of the age-old ‘Inner City Local’.

Worn in, not worn out.

Layers of distress.

Found, recycled & el natural.

Nooks & Crannies.


Spatial F.jpg
Spatial C_edit.jpg